secrecy and openness via communication

information released | People learn about tragic events as this, “Suspiscious death of 74-year-old Manheim Man under investigaion” fairly quickly. In the police state of Columbia; that’s frequently not the case. – Lancaster County District Attorney’s Crimewatch page

Last night’s council meeting | Watch what citizens learned during last night’s, live-streamed and facebook archived, Borough Council meeting. To this point, 893 persons tuned in to the meeting and several citizens questioned the police department’s transparency concerning the purchase of a new police vehicle intended to replace another damaged in a crash. Details were hard to come by during the meeting.

ironville crash

Crash, what crash? | When citizen, Frank Doutrich, asked for details about the early-March crash on Ironville Pike, it presented an opportune time for the leadership of the police department to offer details. Doutrich’s point was that the seemingly purposeful failure to provide information is a community detriment. There’s no mention of the crash at the Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page; but the above aftermath photo (used with permission) is posted at Columbia Spy’s About Town – 3/8/2020 weekly photo recap. Columbia Spy also posted videos and photos of the crash at its facebook page on March 1.

el corona info

Timely, authoritative information | that is attributed and not plagiarized  — is what the East Lampeter Township Police Department’s CrimeWatch page provides for its residents.

More timely, authoritative information | Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences has decided to close  “the campus through spring break, scheduled for March 22-29.  “In an abundance of caution and to proactively protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff … ” This early warning is prudent and not the news everyone wants to hear, but it is the truth. – Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Website





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