Sunday’s news items [official/unofficial sources; the “ides of March”; Municipal Briefs & more] – 3/15/2020

Wrestling all-stars | Columbia’s Michelangelo Stewart and Chris Sabino were selected  as 2020 Lancaster-Lebanon League Wrestling All-Stars – LNP – Always Lancaster.

Official & unofficial reports | Yesterday’s official state news report about the coronavirus shows “To date, there are 41 presumptive positive cases and 6 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania. Total cases = 47.” The Lancaster-oriented LIP News writes: “My informant tells me that the county of lancaster government has a confirmed case of an employee at 150 N Queen with Coronavirus and the commissioners are not telling the public nor are they shutting anything down.” 


The “ides of March” | Today’s that day; here are the “Top Ten Reasons to Beware the Ides of March”Smithsonian Magazine

Not exactly true | In the municipal briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, “The board gave permission to fill a deputy library director position at Manheim Township Public Library, with a salary of $55,000 plus benefits. Commissioner Donna DiMeo objected to the cost for a deputy director, noting that people from many municipalities use the library but, with the exception of East Lampeter Township, no municipalities contribute to the costs.” Columbia Borough’s 2020 Budget allocates $30,000 to the Columbia Public Library.

Also in the municipal briefs | In Elizabethtown, its borough council rejected “all bids for its new borough offices and will seek new bids for the project.”

Viruses | “They are unquestionably the greatest threat to Homo sapiens, except for other people, and probably will continue to be for the duration of our existence.” This Bloomberg News article tracks the path of a virus. It’s quite interesting because it’s informative and easy to understand. “Also scary is that the new coronavirus, while killing some people, makes others only mildly ill.”

“Flattening a pandemic’s curveWhy staying home now can save lives” WITF

Unoriginal and plagiarism | “About 20,200,000 results” popped up when googling “Due to the coronavirus, the police department is asking that all criminal activities stop until further notice.” Seems police departments all think the same thing is cute … everywhere.”


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  1. Today is the Ides of March. Julius Caeser was assassinated that day and said to Brutus “et tu, Brute?” according to Shakespeare. I think we could say that today with a different object: “et tu, Donald?” I think get who I mean.

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