Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [State of emergency declared in Columbia; who can people trust in emergencies?; do numbers matter? & more] – 3/17/2020

In early January | That’s when Columbia news, views & reviews first first posted an article about the virus that is COVID-19.

cols state of emergency

It’s all about how information is communicated | The above proclamation is posted at the Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page. It IS NOT YET POSTED at the Borough Website nor the Borough facebook page.

Mis-information | It’s probably the unkindest that can happen in times people now face. No information is bad, but mis-information is worse. – The Boston Globe

no confidence | “Poll: Americans Don’t Trust What They’re Hearing From Trump On Coronavirus”NPR

Could it be worse? | Add to this:“U.S. sees largest one-day increase in coronavirus death toll since the outbreak began,” spiraling gas prices of a few years ago; an Internet crash; family crises and other real life stuff … and this will get worse. Life’s cascading events and unintended consequences include planning for the multitude of effects that event has on a many people and entities.

10? 50? the number doesn’t matter |No More Than 10 People in One Place, Trump Said. But Why?: The recommendations of federal agencies and other jurisdictions for limiting crowd sizes have varied widely in recent days.” – The New York Times

no sick leave workersNotes: Based on surveys collected between February 2018 and November 2019. Walmart data from March 2019 to November 2019, following a change in its sick leave policy. Includes workers who may be legally entitled to paid sick leave, but reported that they did not believe they were able to take paid sick leave. Sources: Shift Project; Reference USA. – By The New York Times

OPINION: The Companies Putting Profits Ahead of Public HealthAs the coronavirus spreads, the public interest requires employers to abandon their longstanding resistance to paid sick leave.

How long is this going to last? | We don’t know. The Boston Globe

Super hero shelf life | Tom Brady’s finding out everything has a shelf life.The Boston Blobe


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