Friday’s news items [transparency; more lessons from 1918 & more] – 3/20/2020

no testing | “Pa. cancels PSSA, Keystone testing for 2019-20 school year amid coronavirus shutdown”Lancaster Online

transparent | Columbia’s State Representative shows expensesRepresentative David Hickernell’s Website

transparent but delayed | West Hempfield’s State Representative’s expenses through January 2020.Representative Brent Miller’s Website

elected public sleazebag profits | “sold large amount of stocks before sharp declines in market”The Washington Post

1918 flu notice

10 misconceptions | about the 1918 flu, the ‘greatest pandemic in history’included this one, ” The world is no better prepared today than it was in 1918.”

“Severe epidemics tend to occur every few decades, and the latest one is upon us.

“Today scientists know more about how to isolate and handle large numbers of ill and dying patients, and physicians can prescribe antibiotics, not available in 1918, to combat secondary bacterial infections. To such common-sense practices as social distancing and hand-washing, contemporary medicine can add the creation of vaccinations and anti-viral drugs.

“For the foreseeable future, viral epidemics will remain a regular feature of human life. As a society, we can only hope that we have learned the great pandemic’s lessons sufficiently well to quell the current COVID-19 challenge.” – The Conversation

virus deniers, fundies & RWNJs | claim “it’s mass hysteria.”The Washington Post

“Transparency is essentialMuch of our government is becoming shrouded in secrecy despite how often top officials appear on our screens with updates.”The Boston Globe

“The sky is falling. I’m not afraid to say it.” | This is an OPINION column from a physician in New York City. The doctor writes: “Please flatten the curve and stay at home, but please do not go into couch mode. Like everyone, I have moments where imagining the worst possible Covid-19 scenario steals my breath.” – The New York Times

“Think months | not weeks”The Inquirer

Familial idiocy | Yep, it runs in families. In Brazil, for example. The Guardian



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  1. Took over 500 years to figure out the cause of the Black Death. We’re doing a bit better today.

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