Sunday’s news items, part 2 [Columbia icon sold; hunker down & more] – 3/22/2020

hermansader property sold

Sold for $245,000 | A Columbia landmark structure has been sold. The beautiful structure at 426 Chestnut Street was sold for $245,000.

Nobody’s running for mayor | Hey, maybe that’s a great idea.The Boston Globe

Hunker down | this ain’t going away soon. “As coronavirus cases increased exponentially last week in Pennsylvania and many other parts of the country, it became clear the shutdowns will last considerably longer than two weeks. And it might need to get tighter.”- PennLive

Underestimated cases? Probably. | Dr. Rachel Levine: ““We are still seeing a significant number of young adults, even in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have required hospitalization. So it’s very important for young adults not to be complacent.” – Penn Live

This time, it’s different | The world has suffered through other deadly pandemics. But the response to coronavirus is unprecedented.”The Inquirer

Hard decisions nobody wants to make | Who gets care, ventilators in hospitals. “There’s already evidence when it comes to coronavirus testing that rich and powerful people are getting greater access than ordinary Americans.”WITF

A week ago | Columbia news, views & reviews posted this: “Triage: for real | When the surge of patients exceeds the capacity to treat during pandemic, what happens? What’s the plan? Columbia news, views & reviews has been writing about emergency preparedness planning for years. In 2009, many jurisdictions prepared for influenza pandemic; some, as Utah published its “Pandemic Influenza
Hospital and ICU Triage Guidelines.” It’s why the lessons of the last great flu outbreak in 1918-1919 serve as a model:”

OPINION | “Survive and revolt” – Taking responsibility and not taking responsibility; which President did which? – Counter Punch

Hospital Guidance | Area hospitals guidance for Coronavirus:

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