Friday’s news items [coronavirus & more] – 3/27/2020

“Get it together | ‘We continue to find the dysfunction within county government frustrating and tiresome.’” – The LNP-Always Lancaster editorial today chastises Lancaster County governance for its record of petty bickering, failing to govern and manage the law enforcement resources.we're no 1

MAGA | thanks to you, exalted orange one! “March 26 marked an unhappy milestone for the United States:We’re now No. 1 in confirmed coronavirus cases. – VOX

Disconnect | Yesterday, the stock market went higher again. At the same time, jobless claims increased to near record levels. The coronavirus cases went higher, too. There seems to be a complete disconnect between what’s good for big money investors and everyday citizens. How can one be rolling in money while the other is in anguish. Oops, forgot, the $1,200 will change everything. – OPINION

next | “though, we must be patient in our isolation. Social distancing can’t last forever. Here’s what should come next.”VOX

In senior living | Lancaster  Online reports that coronavirus cases have been reported at three Lancaster County senior living sites — Garden Spot Village, Landis Communities and Pleasant View Retirement Living.

03-26-2020 covaid metrics

March 26, 2020 | When will Pennsylvania’s curve flatten? Not now, yesterday, Pennsylvania’s Department of Health reported a continued spike in confirmed coronavirus cases with nearly a 50% increase from the previous day. And there’s still no general testing, even of persons with symptoms.

Globally | there are more than 538,000 confirmed cases. The good news is that, globally, nearly 24% of those with confirmed cases have recovered.

Crisis communication helps | Timely, accurate and authoritative communication is what people seek during crisis situations … and all the time. “Yesterday, March 25, 2020 the Board of Directors of the Hempfield School District held a special virtual meeting of the Board using Zoom. The following information is from the Superintendent’s Report.

It’s not that much! | “Here’s how much people in 29 jobs that are at a high risk of exposure to coronavirus make.”Business Insider – The people you know — who are retail clerks, shelf stockers, truckers, nurses, care givers, service workers, restaurant workers, emergency medical responders, trash collectors, barbers, fast food workers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, manicurists — that do not make loads of money.

kathy griffin“Kathy Griffin was in the emergency department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday.” – (Kathy Griffin)

“Sick as a dog | Kathy Griffin hit the ER with coronavirus concerns. Here’s what happened”The Los Angeles Times – “So much for those stories about celebrities being able to buy a coronavirus test whenever they want one.”




  1. Your as Bias as the rest of Dumocrats. So you think that it’s Trumps fought the virus is here or that the cases has risen. Trump Rules for 5 more years so get used to the orange god. We MAGA people are more everyday.

    • LOL, as they say.

      Again, total numbers are meaningless; percentages are a fairer comparison. The Death Rate in Spain is truly shocking; we are nowhere near that.

      If President Trump is not re-elected, I’m not much comforted know that each morning I’ll wake up and wonder if Uncle Joe has stuck his oatmeal in his eye socket instead of his mouth.

  2. Sadly, this nation tends to stick with Presidents during tough times.; hell, we re-elected Bush.

    So, we think that the DIC will be re-elected much to our chagrin. But as you so eloquently point out, the apparent contender is a dolt, we agree.

    Where there is hope, in our eyes, is to eradicate the oldsters in the legislature and open the doors t o visionaries with ethical viewpoints and integrity.

    Then again, with the same executive leadership for four more years, that may be all it takes to have the entire American experiment in governance disappear completely.

  3. NY governor Andrew Cuomo would be a far better choice for the Democrats to run against DIC.

    I hope all MAGA’s are able to write comments in proper English. If one is to Rave On, it would be helpful to understand what is written. rather than having to spend extra minutes trying to interpret what was written. Let’s Make America’s English Great Again!

  4. The headline tells us that we are now the leaders in people with the novel coronavirus. Funny, I don’t hear anybody chanting the familiar “USA! USA! USA!

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