Tuesday’s news items [communications; ZOOM & more] – 3/31/2020

Stuff happens | Even during  a global incident or catastrophic enormity, real everyday stuff goes on. People have babies; couples conceive babies; people need o be ransported to hospitals for  accidents  and others do really dumb things.

“good faith effort to develop an equitable remote learning plan” |  is one of the aspects “of (almost) everything included in Pa.’s approved emergency school code legislation.”Lancaster Online

letting people know | Citizens everywhere know the importance of getting accurate, timely, authoritative information from those businesses and govenments that serve them. Once again a shoutout as Lancaster’s mayor informs citizens with Monday through Friday youtube briefings.  Yesterday was Columbia Borough’s new borough manager’s day on the job and the borough had the post about trash pickup and street sweeping; it’s a start, and the same message is at the borough’s Website.

Next … | this borough manager’s got a lot on his plate as the previous interim ones did. Let’s hope a high priority will be fixing the communications that’s been irregular, at best. We hope a high priority will be the long-promised improved Website: one that will be simplified, easy-to-navigate and filled with accurate, timely, authoritative information. Ditto, the facebook page, And the promised and budgeted newsletter.

Economic crunch | The list of companies with massive layoffs continues to grow.

COVID-19 in Obituary | This is perhaps the first time COVID-19 is listed in a local obituary.

Zoom Logo

ZOOM-ing along | We’ve been in involved with a half dozen or more ZOOM meetings in the past several days. The platform is really a functional one for lots of uses, including government meetings. Zoom is one of several virtual connecting sites that are out there; but this one has taken off. “IPO Stock With 275% Growth Keeps Zooming In Coronavirus Stock Market.”

Citizens invited | East Hempfield Township has announced a virtual meeting.

Huh? What a turnabout! | Just a week ago, everything was going to be all right for that “that beautiful Easter day” when everything would be over the world will be just right again. Now he says “COVID-19 in US Will Peak ‘Around Easter.’” Golly, what’d this nation do to deserve this?

The “theorist” | who guided his thinking … is not an epidemiologist, a medical professional nor a researcher. But this is the kind of impractical guidance that surrounds and feeds POTUS.

Columbia letter writer | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, Columbian Teresa Starner’s letter-to-the-editor, “Federal leaders let us down”, she never says the word “leaders.” She refers to those “failures elected to Congress” (our words), most of them a long time ago, who look out only for their own interest.



  1. “…to develop an equitable remote learning plan for all students…”

    Somehow I doubt the needs of gifted students will be met or if we will see article after article of how unfair our schools are for them. Gifted students need and deserve as much attends so called ‘special needs’ students. The only thing equatable about our current schools is that they are failing to educate anyone.

  2. Well, if the state legislators would devote more money to schools, PA kids might get a better education.

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