Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [deniers deny; CARES Act; annihilation and extinction & more] – 3/31/2020

Pennsylvania disaster declared | “President Trump declares disaster as Gov. Wolf shuts schools indefinitely”WITF

Deniers deny | “Even in the face of rising global and US COVID-19 cases and deaths, many people hold on to the belief that the pandemic is ‘fake’ or overblown, experts say.” – Futurity

deniers“All of us stick to beliefs in the face of contradictory evidence. All of us have beliefs that do not match reality. It is unavoidable. But it’s possible that some people are better or worse than others at keeping an open mind,” says Celeste Kidd. (Credit: Getty Images)

cares act summaryClick on the graphic to read a three page summary.

“annihilation” and “extinction” | “What was once unthinkable is quickly becoming reality in the destruction of local news”Nieman Lab


Oh, no. | More cute charts in this “Day-by-day look at coronavirus disease cases in Pennsylvania” WITF

Moving in | The Trump Coronavirus will be moving in with us according to the CDC chief: “models for the months to come: ‘This virus is going to be with us.'” WITF



  1. As I’m sure I have written here before: “Denial is not a river in Africa.”

    “It is not a measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a sick society.” – J. Krishnamurti

  2. The leading denier is the World Health Organization; they deny that Taiwan even exists. The leader in lies and disinformation is the Chinese government.

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