Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [cause of death, socially distant in the Ozarks; chaos, cute charts, masks, deniers & more] – 4/1/2020

Cause of death | COVID-19 has sneaked into several obituaries in today’s LNP-Always Lancaster.

Crime time | This post from a Columbia person about an incident in Columbia shows that regular daily life events happen … even during significant incidents.

Some do invite citizen participation | The West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors will hold their April 7, 2020 Board of Supervisors meeting as scheduled.  Public attendance is permitted, however we encourage the public to join the meeting remoteley. CLICK HERE TO ATTEND THIS MEETING REMOTELY VIA COMPUTER OR PHONE. Citizens can participate using “your computer, smart phone, or regular phone.”

E-town does, too! | with regular communication via facebook.

So does Mount Joy | with its borough facebook page AND it its emergency management facebook page.

ozarksThe Knapp family had a well drilled for their new home before they built it, but it collapsed shortly after.  So, their family heads to a spring fed creek once a week to fill large containers of water that they haul back home for the week ahead.  While they are at the creek, baby Karoline, the youngest of four kids, gets washed by mom and plays in the water.”

Far from the madness? | There are just so many good photos in this photo essay, it was hard to select just one. Maybe the folks in this exquisite Bitter Southerner essay, Ozark Life, will be isolated enough to avoid the current contagion.

Desperate parents need help | as coronavirus upends our lives: We’re all exhausted, some of us are going hungry, and more and more of us are getting sick.” – The Hechinger Report

“In the middle of a pandemic |it is easy to overlook health equity.”Futurity

national response plan

Remember the chaos | of that day — September 11, 2001 — when many thought the world was coming to an end? In the aftermath of that cataclysmic event, the then President did accomplished one of the smartest things in his tenure. He appointed former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge as the first Secretary of Homeland Security. In the words of one legislator, “It’s like asking Noah to build the ark after the rain has started to fall.” This nation was reeling from the phony sense of always winning and never losing. All of the “protective” myths needed to be addressed and the process began with this Presidential Directive in February 2002: “… the United States Government shall establish a single, comprehensive approach to domestic incident management.” Initially, President Bush wanted to have a Special Assistant to he President for Homeland Security charged with homeland security policies of the ·
United States. Congress was uneasy about politicizing the role.

fandmtracker“COVID-19 in Pennsylvania: The bars represent the number of confirmed cases in each county by the day the case was confirmed. This figure shows only counties with at least 100 or more cases.”Franklin & Marshall College’s Pennsylvania Coronavirus Tracker

More cute charts | One advantage of charts and graphics may lend credence to the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Another might be to succinctly summarize a more complex idea or concept. The above chart is from Franklin & Marshall College’s Pennsylvania Corona Virus Tracker Website which produces several charts using “source data … from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.”

One fact | in Mark Thiessen’s column contains few truisms; this is one: “That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news: The report contains one final phase. In Phase 4, we ‘prepare for the next pandemic.’ Because this virus won’t be the last.”

should you maskredit…Francois Lenoir/Reuters

Should I Make My Own Mask?The advice from public health officials has been confusing, leaving us to decide whether a D.I.Y. mask is better than nothing.” – The New York Times

“Infected but Feeling Fine | The Unwitting Coronavirus Spreaders.” The New York Times

Deniers deny | A couple letters-to-the-editor in today’s LNP = Always Lancaster show that: “Perspective on COVID-19” and “Let people make their own choices.”

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