Today’s numbers from the Department of Health | nearly 1,000 more cases than yesterday

covid-19 cases 04-01-2020


    • Can’t do that; since he was late acknowledging it; it’s his. Didn’t hear complaints when he was calling it the “Chinese Virus.” Just tearing a page from his ad hoc playbook.

  1. Brian, perhaps you haven’t heard. Today certain words are so hurtful they may not be uttered; you may even be charged with a “hate crime” if you use them.

    Fortunately dumb ass isn’t included in this list because they are still in the majority.

  2. So, so right, Mr. D.

    Attempts to muzzle opinion are fraught with issues. We’re pretty sure, that referring to someone as a “dumass” or a “Bia Ashley” or an “Bias asshole” does not fit into the “hat crime.” because as far as we know none of them are protected classes.

    And dumasses clearly are in the majority.

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