Saturday’s news items, part 3 [Park staff buoys students; communicating with community & more] – 4/4/2020

FEMA | Didn’t Fill States’ Requests For Medical Supplies: “FEMA ‘pushed back on suggestions that the Administration should take a more active role.'”Newsy

“the hidden injuries of class” | “The People Staying, and Living, in America’s Motels”: a photo collection.The New Yorker

marietta arts

“Let there be light! | The Marietta Center for the Arts: Home of Susquehanna Stage is lit in red, white and blue tonight and tomorrow in salute to all the American heros working in healthcare and other essential roles who are sacrificing their lives for ours. We cannot thank you enough for all you do and we promise to do our part. We’re in this together!”

park school

“Hello Park Elementary families!” | Teachers and school staff make video for their students.

Citizen communication | Lancaster’s mayor, Danene Sorace continues her daily messaging with citizens and stakeholders giving timely, authoritative and relevant updates. The (mostly) reinforcing comments show that the updates are welcomed. Leaders lead.

The mayor tells about | the “monthly survey project from April 2020 through September 2021. The goal of the survey project is to better understand and track how Lancaster County’s residents feel about our local economy. The survey contains 8 questions on how you feel about the economy, and 6 demographic questions.”

columbia notice

Multiple communication channels | Posted at theBorough Website

Masks | The mayor also talks about the governor’s and the President’s mask wearing signals. As long as we have the Internet and electricity, a go to resource is a search engine and youtube. People can find alomst everything there. Here’s  an article about how to make “no sew” masks.

Trash increases | “Residential trash volume increases as pandemic forces people indoors” Lancaster Online



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