Monday’s news items [heroes: Lori Flick and Rebel Cause and the Titanic band; anti-heroes in Wonderland & more] – 4/6/2020

lori FlickThat’s Lori Flick on the extreme right in this photo.

“Rebel Cause |  … also credits donations and a team-up with the Hands Across the Street program at Columbia Presbyterian Church, itself an officially mandated coronavirus emergency feeding site. The connection was made through Jennifer Haddad-Smith, who went to high school with Lori Flick, food services manager at Columbia Presbyterian.” – Lancaster Online

“I’m a football player that kicks.” | Tom Dempsey, 1947-2020


Remember the scene from the movie, Titanic? | This one: “Titanic’s eight-member band was led by Wallace Hartley, and upon panic of the passengers during Titanic’s sinking, assembled in the first-class lounge to play in an effort to keep everyone calm.”

I've seen things

false hope | The Titanic’s band’s facing a desperate situation is one example of real leadership. The other is an example of a buffoon’s arrogance and false hope. There’s a Bible verse that says: Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.”

Death toll: probably higher | “Across the United States, even as coronavirus deaths are being recorded in terrifying numbers — many hundreds each day — the true death toll is likely much higher.” – The New York Times

not exactly | “Hospitals reject Trump’s claim they are ‘really thrilled’ with supplies”WITF

One comment

  1. It’s the State governor’s who take care of that. Trump can only do so much. Blame Wolf here in Pa. he’s a Dumocrat.

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