Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [ZOOM bombings; inflated prices; conspiracy theories & more] – 4/8/2020

half-staff order | “Gov. Wolf Orders Flags to Half-Staff to Honor COVID-19 Victims”

ZOOM bombings | More and more businesses, government entities and people use virtual meeting platforms. Recently, there’ve been articles on “ZOOM bombings; that’s true locally, too. There are precautions and settings that can be used with ZOOM,Skype and other platforms.

A call | “Pa. small town mayors join call for national medical equipment czar” WITF


Easy as boiling an egg | “How to hard boil eggs” – Lancaster Online

fox-hen-houseSOURCE: sipseystreetirregulars

Does it matter? | … which party’s fox is in the hen house?

The signs are there | We’re beginning to see “died from complications of Covid-19” in obituary notices at Lancaster Online.

Way out there with Woody | Funny (not ha, ha funny) how many conspiracy theorists there are and how they concoct and spread the nonsense. 

Inflated prices |and no delivery. “On March 25, Philadelphia closed a deal on an order of 500,000 highly coveted N95 masks to protect police, firefighters, and other first responders from the coronavirus. At $2.8 million, or $5.60 per mask, the price was inflated by about five times normal, but officials were glad to get them.” – The Inquirer


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  1. Hard-cooking eggs are easy. 1. Place water in a quart or 2-quart pan. 2. Add the egg or eggs. 3. Heat to boiling. 4. Remove pan from heat. 5. Let stand 20 -22 minutes. Did Lancaster Online say the same thing?

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