Wednesday’s news items [supply & demand; “virtuality” is the thing & more] – 4/8/2020

supply  & demand | “As Americans shift breakfast to home, wholesale egg and orange juice prices soar”Market Place

egg pricesPosted at John Herr’s Village Market face book page.

Lancaster County | Fifth highest death toll in the stateLancaster Online

Feeling cooped up? Take a trip. | “Greece Launches Virtual Travel Site During Pandemic” Newsy

film screening nationally, Wednesday, April 15 | “Blood Sugar Rising – Blood Sugar Rising follows the diabetes epidemic in the U.S. Diabetes and pre-diabetes affect over 100 million people in the US, costing more than $325 billion each year. Blood Sugar Rising puts human faces to these statistics, exploring the history and science of the illness through portraits of Americans whose stories shape the film.”

a 2018 story: we should have guessed | “The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready? The epidemics of the early 21st century revealed a world unprepared, even as the risks continue to multiply. Much worse is coming.” – The Atlantic

i was firstThe New Yorker

smokers, vapers | You’re at an increased risk for Hospitalization  For COVID-19Newsy

virtual draft | The NFL Draft will be “virtual”Newsy

vital funerals | “Funeral home directors say livestreaming services has spiked amid the pandemic.”Newsy

“Doctor | ‘They die completely alone’”The Mercury, Manhatan , KS




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  1. For the White House fire cartoon above, the cartoonist could also have added the quote “I take no responsibility at all.”

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