Sunday’s news items, part 2 [models; how do you tell?; Pope’s message; distancing & more] – 4/12/2020

models are projections | based on what is known at a point in time. “We’re modeling [based on] your deck of cards right now. If you change the deck of cards, it’s going to be totally different. If people do a better job, it’s going to go down. If they don’t — if they ignore recommendations and start partying and going out — then they will have more mortality.” — This model shows Pennsylvania’s coronavirus peak will be reached on April 17. The model projects that Pennsylvania will have total projected deaths of 1,503 people. The current death toll, according to yesterday’s Department of Health report stands at 494.

allergies or coronavirus? |“As allergy season collides COVID-19, here’s how to tell the difference.”Lebanon Daily News

HIs message | On this day when the world’s Christian adherents celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, The leader of the Catholic Church said, “Let us silence the cries of death, no more wars! May we stop the production and trade of weapons, since we need bread, not guns.” Watch now on the Vatican’s facebook channel.

Will this be the “greater depression?” | “Mounting job losses. Fear of the unknown. We’ve seen this before during the Great Depression. Here are some lessons learned.” – The Inquirer


“Social distancing is working | but when will things return to normal, and what will that look like?”The Boston Globe


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