Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [one percenters; hospital secrecy; STOP SPENDING, PA! & more] – 4/15/2020

one percenters | That’s the number of Lancaster Countians who’ve been tested for COVID-19 according to statements from yesterday’s county Covid-19 news briefing. – Lancaster Online


How about hospitals? | This LNP – Always Lancaster Opinion column raises many issues: “It’s time for hospitals to stop the secrecy.” Indeed!

Money for colleges | “Lancaster County colleges to get $23.5M in coronavirus relief, $11.7M for studentsLancaster Online

everyone or no one? | “Should schools teach anyone who can get online – or no one at all?”The Hechinger Report

local obituary notice | Margaret E. Peters

STOP SPENDING, PA | We posted an article at our companion facebook page yesterday about the likely budget crunch the COVID-19 pandemic will strike governments at all levels, particularly Pennsylvania’s. In a state with such lavish salaries for people working (and masquerading work as elected public servants), the spending has to be cut. Today’s LNP- Always Lancaster’s editorial shouts about the excesses. Unlike the federal government that can just keep printing money, state and local governments have to get their funds from “You know who.” Let’s make these clowns in Harrisburg cut now.

When businesses aren’t making money | local governments aren’t making money.”MarketPlace 

“The President and His Mob | the Autopsy of Governance” CounterPunch

“Get out n–––s, Trump’s president now, I can say what I want.” | You’d think that this Annville restaurant operator would be smart enough to know better. Now in addition to solidly depressed restaurant business, he’d been dinged with a $40K judgment. Should have been more. – Pennsylvania Record

next? | “The deaths resulting from COVID-19 may just be the first blow. The next will be coping with all the loss and grief, researchers warn.”Futurity



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