Is this a screwed up time or what?

The Federal Communications Commission and other government agencies tell citizens, “If you don’t know the caller’s number, don’t answer it. Let it go to voicemail.

We did — with this call from 717.999.1111 today around 12:30 pm.

Ain’t is something, this message, ostensibly from Lancaster County Government uses a number that looks so phony to call with an emergency message about CoVID-19?

Is this a screwed up time or what?

emergency call



  1. Wrong numbers? It’s probably Trump’s fault again as he cleans out the swamp by putting incompetent people like him in charge of the FCC.

  2. After listening to the phone message, which is clearly from Lancaster County, I must correct my last message. My guess is that people like those creeps who are defying separation orders in the county and in the country and demonstrating against what our government officials want us to do are folks who are calling residents on phones and telling them false messages saying to gather outside in crowds, etc. BTW, last night President Trump at his press conference was supporting those demonstrators. i find that strange, since the orders were issued by him!

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