Saturday’s news items [masks; dying democracy; no mail service; dying newspapers; lousy leaders & more] 4/18/2020

“Alert for small business owners needing PPP loans”Federal Trade Commission

which mask

“Coronavirus | Which Mask Should You Wear?”The New York Times

It came from China | Wrongo, RWNJ’s … “U.S. got more confirmed ‘Index cases’ of coronavirus from Europe than China.”The Intercept

the autocratic creep | “We Won’t Know the Exact Moment When Democracy Dies”The Atlantic

no mail? | “Postal Service could come to a halt by June as it bleeds cash”MarketPlace

Stampede! | “In Denmark, thousands have rushed to the internet and crashed websites trying to get appointments for … haircuts. Next week, Danes will be able to visit hairdressers for the first time in over a month. The country was one of the first in Europe to impose restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19.”

“Every local newspaper company is in trouble.” | “But coronavirus — by shutting down millions of the local businesses newspapers rely on for advertising — has pushed the pedal to the floorboard and made the logic of further consolidation inescapable … as America’s bankrupt No. 2 newspaper chain — owner of dailies in Miami, Kansas City, Charlotte, Sacramento, Fort Worth, and more — is subject to the same consolidation logic as the rest of the industry.” – NiemanLab

Despots are lousy leaders and they never learn | Certainly they don’t learn lessons from the past. Maybe they should look at the end stages of other dictators — MussoliniHitler. More likely, though they’ll die alone but in sorry-ass condition from chronic and painful conditions. (Actually that’s our secret fantasy for some of the really tenured folks in Wonderland.) They also read the same playbook and don’t learn that censuring press and trying to feed the people lies and crapola leads to their eventual downfall. – OPINION

on the subject of lies & crapola | “Trump PR Stunt Falls Flat, as White House Video Exposes His Failure to Prepare for Pandemic”The Intercept

social distancing | has a long historyFuturity

brilliance is not a strong point | “Amid all of this, Trump demonstrated that he apparently believes Covid-19 is a disease caused by bacteria, rather than a virus. The difference between bacteria and viruses is often taught around fifth grade, when children are 10 years old.” –The Intercept




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