Sunday’s news items, part 2 [what about restaurants; 7 1/2 pages of obituaries; democracy dying in Hallam? & more] – 4/19/2020

hinkles on p1

Page one | Columbia entrepreneur, Don Murphy’s photo is top of page one in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The accompanying article cites Murphy, who owns Hinkle’s restaurant in Columbia as saying, “After being locked down and tied down for so long, you’re going to have people wanting to come out.”

also in the article | Promised new restaurant tenant (when Columbia’s Historic Market House opens), “longtime restaurateur Ed Diller said that competition prompted him to close his Gypsy Kitchen restaurant in the city in December and to make plans to open a new restaurant in Columbia.” He says in the article “I’m having trouble imagining how any restaurant will survive.”

7 1/2 pages of obituary notices | are in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster including these area obituary notices | Herbert D. “Cubb” Spiese • Dolores E. Kresge • Marc Augustine Prezioso • John P. Young

all the wrong reasons | and this is how democracy dies slowly: “Hallam borough cancels council meeting.” Folks, the year is 2020.Lancaster Online

a revolving loan | for lots of small business operators: “Lancaster city council appropriates $250,000 as part of business aid fund”Lancaster Online

At the Lancaster County Treasurer’s WebsiteApril 2020 Delinquent Tax Report
(Amounts are NOT certified. Total due is subject to change. Interest accrues monthly on the first day of a new month.) and this IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT 2020 COUNTY/MUNICIPAL PROPERTY TAXES”


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