Tuesday’s news items, part 1 [fake news; fake checks; confusing news & hard times] – 4/21/2020


US Senator Pat Toomey’s e-letter | shared the above graphics and points to his Website for “COVID-19 Resources for Pennsylvanians.”

It’s that bad | MarketPlace tells us “All economic bets are off. If you wanted a barrel of oil right now, someone would have to pay you, not the other way around. That’s because for the first time, oil has plunged into negative territory. The price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil — the standard oil produced in the United States — dropped to negative $37.63.”

the path to tyranny | Journalists across the globe are frightened about the future of truth and transparency. “The public health crisis provides authoritarian governments with an opportunity to implement the notorious ‘shock doctrine’ – to take advantage of the fact that politics are on hold, the public is stunned and protests are out of the question, in order to impose measures that would be impossible in normal times. For this decisive decade to not be a disastrous one, people of goodwill, whoever they are, must campaign for journalists to be able to fulfill their role as society’s trusted third parties, which means they must have the capacity to do so.” – news release

this administration has fake news | and now“fake checks”The Epoch Times

Believe it or not | “Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Wants Protesters to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines”The Epoch Times

coming | “hard times for state and locals and state and local cutbacks …”Route Fifty

darn, it’s confusing | when your enemies are your friends and your friends are your enemies Vice

from the government

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you! | Sure, that’s what they all say.The Epoch Times



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