Wednesday’s news items [obituaries of local notice; fools & more]- 4/22/2020

Obituaries of local note | Mervin R. Keagy” • Donald L. “Mopper” Mahan

fools rush in | and hurt people. And say stuff about which they have not a clue. Being clueless is rampant in Wonderland. The mindless blather about hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 — it turns out — in tests is totally ineffective and can kill the patient. Further redirecting focus on the drug has had the result of endangering people with lupus who use it effectively in treatment.

Trump coronavirus “Balkan boss-like” ethnic cleansing | ” … outbreak has helped Trump get the immigration crackdown he’s long pursued — and provided him with a new foil”The Boston Globe

the bucks go to the top | no matter what happens below, it seems. Just weeks ago, Lancaster Online announced in an article that Fulton Bank’s guy at the top is making over $3 mil a year; today “Fulton Financial posts 54.0% drop in Q1 net profits due to COVID-19, new accounting rule. “

muni briefSOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster


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