Financial Resources for Pennsylvania Residents Impacted by COVID-19

Credit Cards

“Learn ways to protect yourself financially during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities has developed a list of financial resources for Pennsylvania consumers affected by the coronavirus. We will add to this list as more resources become available.”

Click here for useful information about:

  • Accessing Your Financial Institution

  • Unemployment Help

  • Trouble Paying Credit Cards

  • Trouble Paying Your Mortgage

  • Trouble Paying Rent

  • Trouble Paying Auto/Vehicle Loans

  • Trouble Paying Student Loans

  • Short Term and Emergency Loans

  • Paying Utilities

  • Insurance Issues


    • Mr. Joyner … Afraid not, to get that kind of “stimulus payout” you’d have to move to another country not dominated by crazy-ass Republicans. Here it’s $1,200 for a single individual taxpayer.

      Unless you’re a person with a disability with that as your sole income – then, of course, ou’d have to wait awhile longer for your Dumass Trump-signed vanity check. Oh, I meant to say Donald Trump, sorry.

  1. Yes, in the last stimulus payout it was $1,200 for us peons. But large corporations received $1.600,000 on average.

  2. It’s called trickle down economics; interestingly the Dems have now bought into this idea now because they know direct payments to individuals would insure President Trump’s re-election.

    As an aside, Randolph Churchill, Winstons father, when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer said he didn’t understand all those decimal points! I suspect the original poster meant $200.00.

    Today’s quiz: Who said,

    “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon your talking about real money.”

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