Trump Coronavirus cases report in Pennsylvania today (April 21, 2020)

covid-19 cases 04-21-2020

Department of Health Website

day by new cases trump coronavirus-4-21

Zip Code: 17512
Name: Columbia
Positive: 26
Negative: 203




  1. With out looking it up, I believe the line is

    Be the first one on the block to have your son sent home in a box.

    • Ah, yes … Here is one of the chorus lines from the classic from Country Joe & The Fish’s “Vietnam Song”:

      “now come on mothers throughout the land, pack your boys off to vietnam,
      come on fathers don’t hesitate, send your sons off before its too late,
      be the first one on your block, to have your boy come home in a box.”

  2. Thanks, guys, and thanks for the video, Brian! What ever the exact words were, I think I made my point. Stay safe!

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