Saturday’s news items, part 2 [Drive-by cookout; pandemic communication lauded & more] – 4/25/2020

FOX report | ” …  disinfectant comments were sarcasm”FOXTV43


complimentary drive by

Reach out | “New York funeral director enlists Lancaster County funeral home to help with cremations” Lancaster Online

LNP – Always Lancaster’s top-of-page one | article applauds Lancaster’s mayor for her daily facebook updates to citizens. “With the regularity of her ‘Live at 5’ presentations and other outreach, (Mayor Denene) Sorace has emerged as a visible and authoritative leader in this crisis.”

Also on page one | … is an introduction to Lancaster County’s new public health emergency consultant. He’s an experienced person with a military background who (the article states), ” … is the one person in Lancaster County who wakes up every day with a mission of getting the whole picture and being an independent voice reporting back to the commissioners to help them make informed decisions about the battle against contagion. ‘I don’t work for the health systems,’ he said. ‘I’m not beholden to anybody.’”

One comment

  1. “with a military background”, “I’m not beholden to anybody”, “I don’t work for the health system”. . The next thing we may read in the LNP(Always Lancaster) is “President Trump recommends that people should kill the coronavirus by consuming disinfectants.” Oh, he really said that, OMG!

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