A slowing? Trump Coronavirus cases report in Pennsylvania today (April 27, 2020)

covid-19 cases 04-27-2020

Pennsylvania Department of Health 

day by new cases trump coronavirus-4-27

The best report (fewest day over day new confirmed cases) in this month!


  1. I’d rather get the virus and die than to get a check with Donald Trumps signature. Maybe I’ll sign up for direct deposit.

  2. Can’t wait to watch the new Uncle Joe story play out. This would have damned Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment.

  3. Reply to /2
    You really want to die from the virus than get a check? Really?? You would rather fight for your life while on a ventilator as this insidious virus takes its toll? The death count is serious business. Covid-19 has taken so many wonderful people – many of whom lived through this country’s Great Depression, fought for our freedoms in WWII and helped rebuild our nation. Just asking that you think about what you’re writing before you post.

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