Thursday’s news items, part 2 [wildflower vibrancy; resiliency; school in the fall? Maybe; dumassedness & more] – 4/29/2020

RWNJ’s unite to disrupt | “Web trolls inundate Pa. coronavirus complaint system with fake messages”PennLive

“Will schools reopen to students in the fall? | This may not be the answer parents want to hear.”  – Penn Live

wildflowersFlowering plants growing wild produce spectacularly vibrant colors.

“Best test for COVID-19 | spit sample or nasal swab?”Futurity

OPINION | “A shithole capitalist superpower: Coronavirus Capitalism and “Exceptional” America.” – CounterPunch

SMH moments | Pence without a mask; says he wants to look into their eyes. Dumass statement, the mask doesn’t cover your eyes.

“So … meat is apparently part of the US’s critical infrastructure. | People do like their meats. Right. Yesterday, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to require meat processing plants to stay open during the pandemic.” – The Skimm

falling off

it’s only the beginning “The economy “‘just fell off a cliff, and we went from everything being open to everything closed,’ said Paul Ashworth, an economist with Capital Economics. Household spending, personal goods and services and business spending — all down. Way down. Even spending on health care is down, as hospitals move away from nonessential treatments to make room for COVID-19 patients.” – MarketPlace

stiff upper lip | “We shall get used to it,” was in the minds of Londoners during the World War II blitz. – The New Yorker NOTE: Bombings, nuclear blasts and pandemics do come and go and the world, it seems, is incredibly resilient.

grocery vs restaurants

transpositional spending | “The share of spending at grocery stores has jumped to 63%, while the share of spending at the likes of bars and restaurants has plunged to 37%. As Quartz points out, the last time we saw this split was back in January 1996.” – MarketPlace

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