Saturday’s news items, part 2 [council meeting packet; Biden says nothing; color codes & more] – 5/2/2020

Lancaster Online reports | “Columbia to ring bells, hold emergency vehicle parade in response to COVID-19”

this is needed | “Mount Hope to offer streaming concerts, comedy for adults, tales for kids; first event tonight”Lancaster Online

this is needed, too | “Manheim Township delivers 441 congratulatory yard signs to class of 2020”Lancaster Online

Posted at the Borough Website | The meeting agenda and supporting packet for the 05-05-2020 Columbia Borough Work Session [NOTE: This is posted at the borough facebook page:

“If you want to participate real-time in the commission workshop via a video chat link, please send an email to Council President Heather Zink at and you will receive log-in instructions.

“All others can email their questions or comments to Heather prior to the meeting and the comments will be read at the meeting.

“The agenda for the meeting is posted on the website.”

Not posted at the Borough Website | The “promised” Emergency Management Coordinator’s report most recent report; the report was read during the April 30 Council meeting and was promised to be posted tomorrow “unless it’s already posted.” It’s not.

pa plana week away for some | “Virus restrictions to be eased in 24 Pennsylvania counties” Lancaster Online

What do the color codes mean? | “Red, yellow, green: What to expect in each of Pa.’s tiers for reopening”The Inquirer

a joining | “Community First Fund to merge with Philadelphia-based nonprofit lender” – Lancaster Online

what’s wrong with plain speak | Clinton said, “‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Trump said, “There is absolutely no merit to these allegations (oral sex with an under age girl). Period.” And now Biden said, “I’m saying unequivocally it never, never happened.” Who do you believe? Yeah, though so.

this’ll be pushed back | An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster says “The second-highest ranking Republican in the state House of Representatives is pushing legislation to force school boards into freezing property taxes next year.” You just know that the ever-hungry-for-cash school districts will resist this.

Canada wastes no time | After the recent mass shooting, “Canada bans assault-style weapons after mass shooting.”But then Canada’s legislators are not in the pocket of the NRA – and its legislators are not a bunch of whores who’ll sacrifice the lives of its citizens for a fistful of dollars. Right, you mealy mouthed, triple-chinned emmeffing McConnell?

have some tea? | “As Wolf eases rules in some counties, Blair County Tea Party calls for ending stay-at-home order”WITF – [NOTE: US COVID-19 cases make up one-third of global cases; 26% of global deaths.]


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