Conspiracy theories examined

manipulationAre Americans being “mind manipulated?”

Conspiracy theory one | The US meat industry: “President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week to keep meat-processing plants open and prevent meat shortages, declaring the facilities among the nation’s ‘critical infrastructure’ during the COVID-19 crisis. The order came after weeks of lobbying by the meat industry’s top players. The U.S. meat industry is concentrated, meaning very few companies control most of the production. For example, 80% of the beef market is controlled by the top four beef producers. For chicken — by far the largest segment of the industry — the top four control nearly 60% of the market.


Conspiracy theory two | “Tracking down the origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus” is a 60 minute “documentary” produced by The Epoch Times. In the “documentary” there’s a suggestion that the Chinese Communist party has introduced the virus via manmade means. Just this week, someone in Wonderland voiced a claim that he’s seen evidence that the virus started in a Chinese Lab.

H-m-m-m.  | We know The Epoch Times is a staunch supporter of The Republican Party and of the current President of the United States, but we’ve linked to several articles and opinions from that site.

While The Epoch Times says at its About Us Webpage:

The Epoch Times is the fastest-growing independent news media in America. We are nonpartisan and dedicated to truthful reporting. We are free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party—this is what makes us different from other media organizations.”

Other sources say different things about the objectiveness of The Epoch Times. Wikipedia says this: 

“The media outlet is primarily known for promoting far-right politicians across Europe and the United States, and in particular for its promotion of U.S. President Donald Trump; a 2019 report showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign. The group’s news sites and YouTube channels have spread conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda.”

Snopes says this:

The Epoch Times was founded by Chinese-American adherents to a spiritual movement and meditation practice known as Falun Gong. That news outlet has in recent years, as reported by BuzzFeed News and NBC News, transformed into a misinformation-laden, pro-Trump mouthpiece.”


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  1. In a pandemic there is no reason whatsoever to waste energy on likely fake news that POTUS is doing. We have a health crisis in this country, and all efforts need to be made in fighting this. It is the most important job of the man who is supposed to be the most important person in the world to protect those who elected him.

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