Sunday’s news items, part 2 [videoconferencing; obituaries & more] – 5/3/2020

Area obituary noticesJoyce L. Klinestever • Marie L. Shillow

seven pages | LNP – Always Lancaster‘s obituary pages list several instances attributing the deaths to COVID-19.

two pages | Perhaps another sign of the times; two pages of letters-to-the-editor are in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

It all depends; if they don’t talk, you don’t know | “As the number of deaths rises in Pennsylvania … it’s becoming clear that the amount of information the public can expect about local coronavirus cases is a decision largely left up to county and municipal officials, resulting in a patchwork system in which what you know depends on where you live.” – The Morning Call


a numbers go-to place | For Lancaster County data

younger carriers? | What We Know About PA’s Coronavirus Hospitalization, Death RateThe majority of coronavirus infections in PA are in people aged 50 and older​. But nearly as many people aged 25 to 49 have tested positive.” – The Patch (March 2020 article)

cbsd virtual meetings

sign of the times | Columbia Borough School District’s board of directors is a step ahead. It is holding its school board of directors’ meetings via GoToMeeting videoconferencing. Meetings are  livestreamed and can be replayed on YouTube. Because of the videoteleconferencing, it’s much better hearing what was said; the audio is far superior. The superintendent’s report is exceptional in that lots of questions about meetings and online learning; Internet connectivity and more are addressed.

Borough council meetings will too | This notice is at the Columbia Borough Website: If you wish to participate in the Work Session using the “Go To Meeting” app, please email Council President Zink at

“liberators” without weapons | This is the way peaceful protest can happen: “Protesters voice opinion of Gov. Wolf’s handling of pandemic”The York Daily Record

in-home testing| “‘No one has tested us before’: EMTs go door-to-door with test kitsWITF

finally –  signs of leadeship | “Pelosi And McConnell Decline White House Offer Of Coronavirus Tests For Capitol Hill”NPR


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