Sunday’s news items [food serving inspection; counting deaths; dick-tators & more] – 5/3/2020

Food serving inspections | McDonald’s in West Hempfield Township

minor flooding | “In Columbia, water from the river was flooding a walkway and the area around benches at Columbia River Park.” –Lancaster Online

ah apringYesterday’s weather was just what everyone needed. The warm sunshine provided the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities. Spring flowers on a walk; mowing grass and garden activities buoys spirits of “stay-at-home.”

Still warm |  Today’s Weather! is still warm – minus the sun: “Mostly cloudy, with a high near 74. West wind 8 to 10 mph.”

what / who to believe | “This is how the Lancaster County coroner determines if COVID-19 is the primary cause of death”Lancaster Online [NOTE: The coroner’s office statistics for April are not yet posted; March’s coroner’s report did not indicate COVID-19 deaths as a separate line item].

what the coroner countsSOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster article, 5/3/2020

equal opportunity killer | “Coronavirus sufferer, 18, told dad she ‘felt fine’ and was ‘just a little tired’ moments before dying from bug”The U.S. Sun

kissin’ cuzzins | The U.S. Sun is one of the newspapers which is published by a wholly owned subsidiary of  Murdoch’s News Corp. owner of FOX News.

Dick-tators delight | Here’s another article from The U.S. Sun: “‘Inside Kim Jong-un’s Pleasure Squad’ – where virgin schoolgirls are selected to ‘entertain’ North Korean rulers.” Dick-tators like the same pleasures, it seems; guys like the Korean leader’s seem to be what friends of Jeffrey Epstein delighted in.

Trump: “exceptional and extraordinary liar”But what about Biden?Counter Punch

Biden: We should believe women | … just not Tara ReadeThe Intercept

We got ours — you ain’t getting yours |“Congress quietly boosts spending on lawmakers exclusive concierge health clinic.”The Intercept


History According to Trump | The President and the 1917 Pandemic That Wasn’tThe U.S. leader, famously illiterate about history, eagerly promotes his place in it.” – The New Yorker

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