Saturday’s news items, part 2 [Columbia top-of-page-one; legal notice; Where’s Columbia in the LL League realignment? & more] – 5/9/2020

topo 0509

“Lisa Splain loads flower orders” |for delivery into her vehicle at Flowers by Us in Columbia.” Florists are featured in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

area obituary of note | Margaret G. Duraski

No agenda, just an interesting story | “You Will Not Live to See Your Next Birthday”The New York Times

OPINION: by Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation | “Power to the People” –  “A month ago I said it will be the public that makes the decision to reopen America, not the government. It took too long, but that’s exactly what has happened.” –Townhall

LEGAL NOTICE | Published in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and not currently posted at the Borough Website’s Legal Notices.

Columbia would be in Section 5 | in The Reading Eagle‘s “Projected Lancaster-Lebanon League football division alignment for 2022.”

online teaching

What’s it like? | To be a teacher in the pandemic world of online classes. – WITF

PennDOT news release | “PennDOT to Repair and Pave Sections of Cool Creek Road and Hellam Street in Wrightsville, York County”

Against the odds | “Stocks surge on one of the unhappiest days in American economic history: Here’s why.”The Inquirer

$2,000 a month | One of the proposals to help citizens, not corporations. Lawmakers want to get Americans more relief money — here’s what they propose.”WITF


  1. If you remember, and wish to check the record, you will see that I began talking about direct payments to people even before Senator Romney first made his $1000 per person proposal. I’m not that much brighter than this bunch of fools; they could have easily seen how this will play out. We have been screwed, on purpose, by Congress. Both parties are to blame.

  2. You’re right again … on several counts. Direct payments and the “same same-edness” of the primary parties.

    But, you’re probably brighter than the bunch of fools.

  3. Once again the the great song by Steelers Wheels “Stuck in the Middle” comes up: “Clowns to the left of me, and jokers to the right, hear I am, stuck in the middle.”

  4. Yup!

    But would it not be a revelation if we could get those jokers and clowns to come to the middle to focus on identifying the problem and finding a resolution that would benefit everyone?

  5. That’s doubtful, as government leaders and politicians did in 1918, so do government leaders and politicians do the same thing today — They lie and deny.

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