Saturday’s news items [council meeting agenda & supporting packet; where’s the weekly report?; summer reading program & more] – 5/9/2020

Council meeting on Tuesday | 05-12-2020 Borough Council Regular Meeting Agenda Packet – If you wish to participate in the Work Session using the “Go To Meeting” app, please email Council President Zink at

Did you miss it? | The promised Columbia Borough mayor’s Weekly COVID-19 Update somehow got missed this week. The last one was posted at the Borough’s facebook page on April 29. Columbia really needs to pay attention to the consistency of inconsistency.

And where’s | that long promised new Website and newsletter for citizens and shareholders?


meet your match, murder hornet | Though we cannot vouch for the source, the totally rad image of the praying mantis, caught our attention: “Praying Mantis Eating Murder Hornet Is Totally Metal, Twitter Reacts.” PAJBA

 “Important Announcement from Lisa Graybill, Columbia Public Library director. | Yes, Columbia, we will have a Summer Reading Program.

– in a virtual format!! Start date is June 20 and end date is August 15.

Program will be virtual until further notice. We will be trained on the sign-up platform and will let you know when it is ready. You may read any books you have available or visit Overdrive for children’s books to read electronically.  The library remains closed at this time.

There will be some virtual programs too.

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ASKING SPECIFIC QUESTIONS until we are trained in the reading tracking program. Just wanted to give you the dates: June 20 through August 15. Happy Reading!!

lebco cases

breaks with state | Though neighboring Lebanon County’s COVID-19 “new cases” is 27% higher than Lancaster County’s, it’s one of “two central Pa. counties which have said they plan to reopen ahead of Gov. Wolf’s schedule.”Penn Live

“While the action at Fort Sumter | had not amounted to much militarily, the symbolism of it was enormous. Intense feelings over the incident in Charleston propelled the nation into war. And, of course, no one at the time had any idea the war would last for four long and bloody years.” – ThoughtCo

Breaks with party chief, too | “GOP chairman says nation needs ‘millions’ more tests to safely reopen”The Hill

There’s some irony here; is is about getting back to work or politics? | In Philadelphia, “Car-bound protesters call for a plan to reopen Philadelphia.” – “If we are going to win the war, we are going to suffer some casualties,” said (one of two protesters aged 69 and 72, each of whom are retired), “We need to go back to work.” – The Inquirer

unemployment rate graph

Americans are hurting | “U.S. economy loses 20.5 million jobs, unemployment rate rises to 14.7%.” MarketPlace – “The standard definition of an unemployed person is someone who hasn’t had paid work and has been actively looking for a job. This government data doesn’t count the millions who have been laid off and aren’t hunting for a new one. Prospects are so bad that huge numbers of people are just dropping out of the labor force completely, sending the labor force participation rate down to the lowest level since the early 1970s.”

“Zero muscles, zero strength.” | “After 14 days on a ventilator and 11 days on ECMO, Jason Jahanian’s COVID-19 recovery is just getting started.”Newsy

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