Sunday’s news items [obituaries; CrimeWatch tidbits; cancellations & more] – 5/10/2020

“About Two-thirds  |… of the 23.5 Million Working Women with Children Under 18 Worked Full-Time in 2018″US Census Bureau

Obituaries of local interest | Chalmer L. Kraft • Mary S. Gerber

“Voices from the Pandemic | ‘How long can a heart last like this?’”The Washington Post 

Local government counts | One would think that in a small town where everyone kind of knew everyone and many of the folks who live there went to the same schools that when supposedly rich out-of-towner newcomers trying to ram through their pet projects, the rich out-of-towner newcomers would get their way.

That’s not always the case; especially in a town where there are lots of rich folks. Here’s a long story about how the local government leaders in one town fended off the intimidation practices of a loud-mouthed supposedly rich out-of-towner. – The Washington Post

Run or walk a mile | “Each week during the month of May, you’ll walk or run 1 mile and record your time – take a pre-, mid-, or post-workout photo and use #LancasterTogether on Instagram to keep our community updated on how it’s going. You can do 1 mile a week, or 1 mile a day – the specific goal is up to you, there’s just a minimum of 1 mile a week.

If you missed a week, and are finding your way to this page mid-May, no worries – join in when you can!

All you have to do is register here, and pay the $25 participation fee. – Discover Lancaster

In Wrightsville | “In an effort to boost business for local restaurants during the pandemic, Wrightsville Borough Council, York County, on May 4 unanimously approved to suspend the borough’s open container law until Gov. Tom Wolf allows businesses to reopen.” – Lancaster Online

13 out of 67 | “As of Saturday, Lancaster had the 13th worst score in the state under a formula that counts how many new cases of COVID-19 a county has had, per 100,000 population, in the past 14 days.” – Lancaster Online

From the Lancaster County CrimeWatch pages:

POLICE LOG entry | “MOUNT JOY: Jose L. Lopez-Serrano, 43, of Columbia, was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct and driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked after he struck another person with a baseball bat several times in the face and upper torso during a fight April 17 in the parking lot of Weis Markets, 441 W. Main St., police said.” – LNP – Always Lancaster

Gretna Theatre | “America’s Oldest Summer Theatre since 1927” announces the postponing our 2020 season shows until 2021. – Website


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