Monday’s news items [great weather weekend; political division; where’s henry? & more] – 5/11/2020

Windy weekend | Sue, the weekend weather was cold and blustery at times … all in all, it was a perfect time to be outside: gardening, mowing, walking, bicycle riding and getting a respite from “stay at home.”

no national plan—no coherent instructions at all | Every morning in the endless month of March, Americans woke up to find themselves citizens of a failed state. But this country has a pattern of that.The Atlantic

lnp poll

divided then and now | In the period leading up to the elections in 1860, the US was a divided nation politically. The division of thought gave reason for one faction’s side to disobey the US government. In a manner of speaking, that’s sort of what we have now as Lancaster County’s Republican elected public servants have adopted a take it or leave it stance with the state with a letter stating the county will do things its way. Following the 1859 election, representation in the House of Representatives changed remarkably. That change led a civil war.

In a Lancaster Online poll, at this writing, the slight “Yes” (people favoring moving to yellow) advantage shown in the above graphic nearly matches the Republican registration in Lancaster County. If the “no and undecided” supporters are matched by the Democratic and other voters, the November and subsequent elections in the county will be interesting.

Where is the “great compromiser?” | Movement to a centralized vision or goal for accomplishment has to have all the horses pulling the plow to move together. Where is the Henry Clay in the nation and the state?

LEGAL NOTICE: online meeting | The Lancaster County Election Board takes an interesting position concerning audience participation at its online meeting.

true every day, but more so now | “‘Scary to go to work’: White House races to contain an outbreak of the coronavirus in its ranks” The Morning Call


  1. Being a proud Kentuckian and having raised my kids on the grounds of Ashland, the Henry Clay estate, I am interested when I see his name mentioned. That said, I don’t think he was a terribly great politician. His major achievements were just exercises in was kicking the can down the road. As someone once said, “There aren’t any history books titled Them Worlds Greatest Moderates,” or something to that effect.

    • You and others don’t think he was a great politician; but the current ranking Senator from Kentucky makes him appear to be genius.

      And while there are no history books titled, The World’s Greatest Moderates, are there books acclaiming the world’s greatest extremists?

      All we’re trying to say is: let’s rationally talk about things before we go off the deep end. Let’s find a way to bring a bunch of mules to pull the plow in a straight line so we can get the seeds planted.

  2. Al, what you wrote about Henry Clay and the world’s moderates is another reason why we shouldn’t go back to NORMAL.

  3. Being a republican I am sadden by the fact that all of the elected republican officials would put the well being of their constituents behind their political agendas. We have a two party system last time I checked. Why weren’t democratic representatives included? Or all they following the guidelines outlined by health officials. I do not take lightly the Republicans putting my health and well-being in jepordy. Lancaster County has not met any of the dept of health guidelines to move to the yellow phase. If you reopen to fast and haphazardly you risk a resurge of the virus and that will be more devastating to the economy then taking it slow and steady to reopen. Don’t worry none of the Republicans who signed the letter will be getting my vote.

  4. Concerned Citizens and other Republicans who read this probably are learning that the leaders of what today is called the Republican Party are not what the Republican Party was as late as before Ronald Reagan. From Reagan to the present day, they clearly only work for Wall Street and what those bosses want them to do. Their theme is “Show me the money!”

    Now, in case this upsets you, this entire comment is also for the other major party. It is also true that the leaders of the Democratic Party, aka, the elite, do not represent what used to called “The Party of the People.” That party hasn’t existed for well over fifty years. Democrats who vote these leaders in, actually think the Democratic Party still represents “the people.” They are sadly mistaken. Their leaders are also controlled by Wall Street. Just take a look at who we have running (into the ground) for the office POTUS. These two old white men couldn’t care less about truly helping the people, e.g., the 140 million of us who are poor or a little above that, those that don’t have insurance, or have insurance that causes them to go bankrupt, and Big Pharma that steals our money. They there are such things as landlords that charge exorbitant fees that also break us down. That’s real economy, folks, not the Wall Street Market economy that is reported on the news.

  5. Ain’t no book called “History’s Great Extremists” cause you could even fit the table of contents into one volume.

    Ghingas Kahan
    Henry IV

    • Was awaiting your response; we thought of these too.

      But you skipped over another extremist; one we often cite: Jesus Christ.

      We’re pretty certain that he’s be stomping over some tables and desks were he to visit where the stooges roam in DC and Harrisburg.

  6. Winston Churchill is an interesting study. It would hard to call someone who”crossed the isle,” (switched parties) an extremely. Churchill crossed twice!

    What I find interesting is that he might not be remembered at all if it wasn’t for the extremist, Hitler.

    Truth is he was an extremist on some things like Irish and Indian independence. We are all extremists about some things. Churchill is remarkable because he was willing to take a stand on his principles. He was totally out f power and given up as finished in 1930. Certainly one of the most amazing figures in all of history.

  7. Brian, I agree. “Jesus Christ, Superstar” and other movies about him need to be included with the books and other blurbs about that “Great Extremist.”

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