Saturday’s news items – 5/16/2020

Polling place change | Columbia’s Fifth Ward registered voters will now vote at at Park Elementary School Gymnasium rather than Saint Peter Apartments.

Vote out insurrectionists | Several insurrectionists are on the June primary election ballot; VOTE THEM OUT. Those who are not registered with one of the primary political parties will have that opportunity in the November election the one that really counts.

otalitarianism and art

Lancaster’s COVID-19 murals vandalized | Fascists and despots hate freedom of expression and media; art is an expressive form. “That is why the first priority for all totalitarian regimes was to impose restrictions on freedom of speech. In Lancaster, “Lancaster Public Art’s COVID-19 mural at Penn Square vandalized Wednesday night.”

“deeply concerned” | That’s the message County faith-based leaders sent in a letter to the insurrectionist county commissioners. “’If the county’s Republican leadership defy the duly-elected Democratic governor’s state of emergency, can each municipality’s leaders make their own rules, as well?’ the clergy letter to the commissioners said.” Taking that premise further, can each person in each municipality make his/her own rules, as well?

doubling and troubling | The number of deaths in the county more than doubled from last month according to the coroner’s report. And the percentage of deaths was 336% higher than the number recorded in April 2019. Is COVID-19 having an impact? The report makes no mention of COVID-19 as a contributor to any death.

covid deaths in nursing homes

in a game of numbers | … this Lancaster Online article, shows the above graphic.

and it looks like kids are going to school in the fall | “CDC’s latest reopening guidance to schools: Screen students and employees, wear masks and practice social distancing.”Lancaster Online

lucid lines | These comments are extracted from letters-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:

  • If this pandemic has done anything, it has confirmed the weakness of the decisionmakers at every level of government. It is a sad state that we find ourselves in.”
  • “Our citizens are capable and willing to adjust to the new reality.”
  • “This is not a partisan issue. This should not be a political issue. This is about our health and well-being.”
  • “Now here is where the rules get down to the nitty-gritty. If you get sick and go the hospital and are diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be sent home. The hospitals will no longer treat COVID-19 cases. Remember the old saying: If you mess with the bull you might get the horn.”
  • “I believe we have a list of ‘leaders’ who essentially have quit the fight to safely govern through a crisis.”
  • I love how these politicians espouse their pro-life virtues but now seem willing to throw older citizens under the bus.”
  • “This (the letter from local elected public servants intending to “go yellow” despite state approval) was an act of unimaginable irresponsibility that I believe will do nothing but raise anger, deepen divisions and create chaos.

we flubbed | Turns out the weekly COVID-19 briefing did happen: the irregularly posted “briefing” is now posted; it was posted at the borough facebook page on the 14th. What else has changed is that the “Weekly COVID-19 Update” that was posted on April 29 has now been changed to “Columbia Borough Update” (note the absence of the word COVID-19).

“What power do county commissioners have anyway?” – Turns out their real power is more “bandy rooster-like” than many think. “What’s a banty rooster?” some younger readers or those with no familiarity of life on a farm might ask. Here’s a definition.



  1. Re: “Deeply concerned”, it appears the “faith-based leaders” want exactly what John M. Barry in THE GREAT INFLUENZA wrote should not happen in a society, which I wrote in yesterday’s comments. To refresh your memories, here it is: “So the final lesson, a simple one yet one most difficult to execute, is that those who occupy positions of authority must lessen the panic that can alienate all within a society. Society cannot function if it is every man for himself. By definition, civilization cannot survive that.”

  2. You may not have heard or read this in the corporate press from yesterday, but this is interesting. Leaders in the Central American country Guatemala are calling the United States “The Wuhan of the Americas.” That is because the U.S. has been and is sending undocumented Guatemalans back to that country, and cases of COVID-19 are growing rapidly there.

  3. I support the destruction of the of the art piece. I see no difference between this and and the display of a nativity scene on government property. Somehow I doubt that I anyone would be allowed to put up a sign saying, “Hooray for Covid, the Cure for Overpopulation.”

    When the government is allowed to unquestionably express its opinion, we are at living in a fachest state. Governments pass laws making provision for differing opinions. The government itself should have no opinion other than that its laws should be enforced.

    Personally I hate the mask but will wear one for sometime to come regardless of a law or not.

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