Sunday’s news items [property sale; celebrate kindness; making meadow tea & more] – 5/17/2020

143 day

Celebrate Kindness on 1-4-3 DayIn times of uncertainty, simple acts of kindness mean the most. On May 22, Pennsylvania will be celebrating the second annual 1-4-3 Day in PA with a call to all Pennsylvanians to show kindness to essential workers and neighbors in honor of Fred Rogers. Through the celebrated children’s program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Fred Rogers inspired generations of viewers to embrace kindness. 1-4-3 was a shorthand he used regularly to say, “I Love You,” based on the number of letters in each word.

Local food serving inspections | AJs Surplus Grocery– “This is a COMPLAINT-BASED inspection, complaint is unfounded.

425 walnut

Property sale | 425 Walnut Street and 421 Avenue G  sold for $225,000.

V-shaped recovery | “”Have investors lost their minds? Small investors appear persuaded that the stock markets is headed for a “V”-shaped recovery. But history tells a more complicated story.” – The Atlantic

Remember when | Back in February there was not much discussion about coronavirus.

It’s always tougher for those on the bottom | “Many Americans Were on Shaky Financial Ground When Virus Hit”Route Fifty

deniers | continue to denyThe Guardian

numbers from Pennsylvania Department of Health Website



  1. Instead of adding sugar, one could add a little honey and have it with your honey any time of day!

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