Sunday’s news items, part 2 [stay at home baking; obituary notices; cavalry isn’t coming & more] – 5/17/2020

Obituary notices of interestCornelius J. Keim IIIJames A. Lesher


stay-at-home baking | “Sourdough is having its moment, but how does it work?”Futurity

Ain’t gonna happen | “Stop waiting for a COVID-19 action hero to save you – Our times call for us to stop relying upon our history’s greatest hits, the same old battle-weary warriors who are only good anymore for a quick fix of patriotic nostalgia: The most underrated part of leadership is good management.” – A Task & Purpose OPINION column

Business will never be the same | “I think the ones who are going to struggle the most are the ones who were struggling beforehand.” That’s the sentiment of one merchant interviewed in this Lancaster Online article.

Long’s Park BBQ | Civitas Lancaster / Blessings of Hope world’s largest Chicken BBQ has been postponed to the fall of 2020Website

Yesterday in Wrightsville | “Local families receive free food boxes from York County Food Bank”FOX43-TV

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