Wednesday’s news items – 5/20/2020

it could always be worse |and in Midland, Michigan it got much worse yesterday. As Michiganders are contending with pandemic, insurrection attacks, yesterday they began living through a 500-year flooding event.


pandemic benefits | Offices, churches, clubs, school districts and municipalities have found new ways to communicate. Using video conferencing platforms and recording and live-streaming applications, consumers, congregations, members and citizens can, in some cases —  participate in real time — in other cases, view via archiving. Though sometimes it’s like watching a play from the cheap seats.

The public can comment on the agenda and educational items before the meeting. Go to

Transparency leaders | Citizens in Columbia rightfully have to take pride in the efforts and acts of transparency that have recently been taking place in government and the school board. Posting of meeting agendas, minutes and the videosharing of council, committee and board meetings if recognized and applauded. The agenda for Thursday night’s school board of directors meeting is posted and these items are on the agenda:

“A Motion is requested to notify the Superintendent that the District intends to retain him as Superintendent for an additional contracted term of between three (3) and five (5) years, with the specific terms and provisions of such contract to be hereafter agreed upon by the Board and Superintendent.”

“A Motion is requested to notify the Superintendent that the District intends to consider another or other candidates for the office of Superintendent for the term beginning January 1, 2021.”

“Years Before The Pandemic | War Games Predicted A ‘Global Tempest'” NPR


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