Friday’s news items [last night’s school board meeting; mortgage delinquency rates & more] – 5/22/2020

last night’s school board meeting | livestreaming is not yet posted at the Columbia Borough School District’s youtube channel. When it is, watch it. Listen to the comments. Here’s a Lancaster Online article.

lnp school board articleSource: LNP – Always Lancaster

be careful what you wish for | Last night’s meeting, most likely, has left the directors in a pot of confusion as they escaped to an executive session to end the meeting. We don’t think there’ll be a huge onslaught of superintendent candidates in a school district with an abnormally high at-the-top leadership change record. The LNP – Always Lancaster article goes on: “he floated the idea of the board buying out his contract instead of leaving him a ‘lame duck’ for seven months, which some board members found disappointing.” We cannot imagine why some board members found that disappointing.

increased help | Pennsylvania’s 2019-2020 Crisis maximum benefit has been increased to $800 for eligible households.PA Department of Human Services Website

“America | A nation of small towns.”US. Census Bureau

living hog high, but how? | Ah-h. the life of the “seemingly rich” –looks like a house of cards.Lancaster Online

and “The Times They Are A-changin'” | Even here in Lancaster County; there’s a slow change politically. Lancaster Online

1919 sports“In 1918 Georgia Tech played almost a complete football schedule during the Spanish Flu outbreak that killed more than 675,000 in the US. Coached by the legendary John Heisman, The Golden Tornadoes, played six games at Grant Field.”Twitter

“Lessons from 1918Old pandemic is a murky guide for sports”Lancaster Online

“Delinquent U.S. home loans | surged by 1.6 million last month — the biggest one-month jump in history.” – MarketPlace

flipper resigns | another reason why Pennsylvania needs a county-wide school system.

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