OPINION: There ALWAYS is another side.

anothe side

It’s true there’s another side to every story. At last night’s Columbia Borough School District Board of Directors’ meeting, people who watched the live-streamed meeting heard lots of testimony from citizens and community stakeholders attesting to the positive changes that Superintendent Tom Strickler has influenced in his tenure in the position.

Hiding behind the name of “personnel action” the school board of directors did not identify the “why’s and where for’s” of their vote to seek other candidates for the position of superintendent.

Near the end of last night’s meeting, Strickler read a statement that included what’s happened under his leadership. We reached out to him for a copy of that statement; click here to read his comments.

In communication with Strickler this morning, he shared this:

“I am not done fighting for Columbia students. The students and community received a raw deal last evening through no fault of their own. If this vote goes unchecked and unquestioned, Columbia School District and Columbia Borough will be impacted for years to come. As a long term resident, I am not ready to roll over.”

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