Saturday’s news items (go to church; OK open beverage?; communications improvements & more] – 5/23/2020

legal notice marietta

good for the gander | Looks as Marietta wants to follow Wrightsville’s lead; this legal notice is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

she’s a spitter | “18-year-old woman spits on officers after being arrested in East Lampeter Twp. hotel: police” Lancaster Online

Columbia man files suit | Extracted from an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: ” Braxton Witherspoon, 53, of Columbia, filed his federal civil rights suit May 14 in Pennsylvania’s Eastern District. He is seeking $150,000, plus punitive damages and other costs. The suit accuses the prison of ignoring excessive force, thereby creating an atmosphere that allowed abuse to continue unchecked.”

Changes noted | Citizens should be aware: Information updates are current and more frequent at the borough’s Website. The right hand column, “Community Announcements” is particularly informative.

Tuesday’s Borough Council meeting | … will be a video conferenced and livestreamed meeting: Instructions for attending via GoToMeeting are posted. Also posted are the meeting agenda, the last meeting’s minutes and supporting packet materials.

OPINION | Since the arrival of Mark Stivers as the borough manager, we are not the only one to notice the steady improvements that have been made at the Borough Website. Or the improved communications with citizens. In conversations with several people, citizens and business operators, they’ve told us they’re seeing a marked shift towards a “Customer-sensitive” approach. Concerns are being heard, addressed and attended to. In the current posted Weekly Update, Stivers says the long-awaited new Website will be launched soon. Stivers and Borough Council President, Heather Zink reflect attitudes of “approachability”, concerned Customer-focus and positive, genuine openness to collaboration to make Columbia a better place to live, work, shop and play.


command & demand: that’s all the DIC does | “Trump Demands States Open Houses of Worship, Threatens to ‘Override’ Governors”US News & World Report

no word yet | For many traditions, 2020 is a wash out. The Long’s Park BBQ’s been moved; the Little League World Series has been canceled and the New Holland Fair announced it’s canceling for the first time since World War II. Traditionally a week earlier, the Ephrata Fair has not yet decided to cancel. That Fair is scheduled for September 22-26.

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  1. Please know that other council members are working “behind the scenes” to address issues and get answers to many resident questions. While not as visible, we are working just as hard.

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