Saturday’s news items, part 2 – 5/23/2020

one day sooner

talk about heroes | “Thousands of Young Adults Are Volunteering to Catch COVID-19 to Save Others in the Future.”Good News Network

‘You better put it out.” | Another threat, demand command; because the DIC wanted this: “CDC publishes new pandemic guidance for religious worship.”CNN

100,000 coronavirus deaths by Memorial Day? | What we’ll need to find the true COVID-19 death toll”National Geographics

“Latest PA data | shows flattening case curve, elevated mortality from pandemic.The Burg

of course, it’s 2020 | “Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge after 17 years underground.”CNN

“This video, intended for children between the ages of 6 and 11, shares what we currently know about the coronavirus and suggests proven public health methods for personal and community protection. A child narrates the short, upbeat video in a way to keep children engaged. The companion family guide supports parents and other family members in learning more about the coronavirus themselves and deciding how to discuss the pandemic with the children in their family.” – Futurity

Q-Anon | RWNJs flock to the movement: “The far-right conspiracy movement is gaining as politicians help spread its message and as the public looks for answers.”Newsy

Inflamed brains, toe rashes, strokes | Why COVID-19’s weirdest symptoms are only emerging now.”National Geographic

One comment

  1. Random thoughts

    Oscar the Grouch is the patron Saint of Social distancing.

    I don’t need to practice social distancing, I’ve already perfected it. I hate everyone.

    You ain’t White if you don’t have a Confederate flag.

    Which is more difficult?

    Finding a new Superintendent of schools if,
    A- you’ve had a half dozen in about the same number of years.

    B- 25% of the students on the district are classified as Special Education.

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