Wednesday’s news items [racial injustice; school board follow up; notes on last night’s council meeting & more] – 5/27/2020


murder by knee | “Minneapolis Man ‘Killed’ By Police, Video Shows Officer With Knee On Victim’s Neck”International Business News

What’s wrong with this country? | Surely the militarized appearance of the police in the photo in this Minneapolis Star-Tribune article fortifies the impression that police officers can get away with murder and the state (municipality) will enforce it’s “version of law and order.” The facebook video is beyond appalling. Four police officers were summarily fired following the incident — that’s not enough. Nothing will bring back the life of George Floyd, but murder charges are warranted.

there now | A few days ago, we asked whether last week’s school board of directors’ meeting was “too tidy.” We asked about the “superintendent performance reviews” and ” superintendent evaluation criteria” and why they weren’t posed at the district’s Website. Both these files are now posted. The evaluation criteria and the evaluation results (below). And yet, the board decided to seek other candidates?

superintendent standards etc

notes from last night’e council meeting |  If last night’s livestreamed council meeting would have been a movie and people paid to see it, they would have asked for their money back. The audio throughout the meeting was “horrible” and a lot of the speaker comments were unintelligible. At this writing, 592 people tuned in and there were several comments complaining about the audio. Curiously, some of the speakers could be heard and others no doubt were the basis for the old Verizon commercials’ “Can you hear me now?” guy.

Tough breaking old habits | Did you notice the agenda item 15: “Announcement of Next Meeting. At 6:30 PM on June 9, 2020 Council will hold an information session to receive information from its Borough Manager and Solicitor prior to the regular meeting scheduled at 7:00 PM?” Thought the days of “rehearsal meetings” were going to come to an end? Seems some just need a run through before the “un-staged” real performance.

flowers amber wavesWalk pix: Before turning to “amber waves of grain” the grain is younger and green. Brilliant shades of the clematis contrast to the already diminished “just days ago” shimmering white flowers.

already passé | “Will COVID-19 be the death of coworking spaces?” Marketplace

Roberts webinar

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