Tuesday’s news items [a look at dystopia; VOTE today; the model police officers; graduation in 2020 & more] – 6/2/2020

fading | “America’s seniors ebb away from Trump as coronavirus response disappoints” The Guardian

in 2016

Tough guy talk | No doubt after consulting with known dictators in the Philippines, Hungary, Saudi Arabia and Russia, the DIC says “vicious dogs” could be released on demonstrators. As an evil reincarnate from 50 years ago, he’s exhorting governors to quit being weak and to dominate the demonstrators. The reasonable voice and actions  of the Lancaster Bureau of Police makes a whole lot more sense; yesterday, some police officers marched with the demonstrators.

thugs“The anger behind the protests | … explained in 4 charts – Black men are still disproportionately likely to be killed by police.” – Black Americans have had enough.”The Wisdom Daily

columbia voting places

Today’s voting places  | Today’s election is only the primary election; it’s the restrictive election process for the primary two “lookalike” parties. But those who are registered with one of these parties, here’s your chance to VOTE THEM OUT before the general election. If they are “elected public servants”  who already hold office — and they’ve done nothing but maintain the status quo – VOTE THEM OUT!

cocalico bannerDenver borough celebrates Cocalico High School District’s graduates with an across the street banner.

“ambiguous loss” | “Today, graduations from high school, college, and graduate school are taking on a virtual patina. But even the time-honored transitions from one grade to the next—with the ritual cleaning out of a cubby, the thank-you note to the teacher, the hallway hug of friends, and the end-of-the-year picnic—are canceled.” Parents, family and community can help our kids get through this painful and ambiguous loss, according to this Futurity article.

letts walk 2

Model LEO’s are out there | Genesee County (Michigan) Sheriff Chris Swanson knows that law enforcement officers job is to “protect and serve.” Swanson met with protesters and marched with them in protest “of police brutality and in memory of George Floyd on Saturday, May 30, 2020 in Flint Township. Protesters marched along Miller Rd. In Flint Township before ending up at the Flint Township Police Department Headquarters where they were met by police in riot gear. Swanson deescalated the situation by asking one of the protesters what he wanted of them. They replied to walk with us and so he did with some of his deputies.

“‘We’re on the community’s side. All we had to do was talk to them and now we’re walking with them. Everybody wins. The cops in this community, we condemn what happened. That guy’s not one of us. You have police officers here that do it everyday for the right reasons. We’re asking people just to trust the police. Trust us tonight we’re walking with you. We prove it by our actions,’ Swanson said. ‘When I look at that all the good we do in the community across the nation can be destroyed in on act. We were the heroes a week ago so we’re going to get back on the hero platform and treat people right. Give people a voice.” Read the article and watch the three minute video here.



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