Wednesday’s news items [election day notes; change; “molon labe”; racism in Columbia & more] – 6/3/2020

it’ll be a while | In a world of turbulence, yesterday’s in-person voting in the primary election was light as a major share of voters probably used the mail-in ballot option. As a result, the election results will be a few days away as the mail-in ballot counting begins.

poll woprkers

Thank you, poll workers | The people who work in the polling places really deserve your gratitude and thanks. These people, friends and neighbors of ours, work from early in the morning until late at night (days begin before 6:00 am and are not completed for some until after 9:00 pm).

Borough meeting information | Information about upcoming meetings is posted at the Borough Website:

change | Lancaster’s police chief promises change. Its council pomises police accountablity. Lancaster’s mayor and police chief break down cause and effect actions at Sunday’s demonstration.

molon labe comboSome “molon labe” symbols gleaned from an internet search.

“molon labe” | “How a tattoo helped Lancaster police identify white agitators at the protests for George Floyd”Lancaster Online – “When we say that, we’re warning lawmakers that if they push too far on gun control, they’re going to get a fight. It’s not a declaration of war, but it’s a warning that one will be coming if legislators decide they can take away our guns and ignore the Second Amendment. More than that, though, it’s a warning that the Second Amendment won’t go away quietly.” Bearing Arms Website

from another Website | “if you are the kind of person who takes a principled view on gun rights and limited government … has attempted to stock up on firearms, magazines, and ammunition in fear of possible and actual bans … or has ever voted for a third party in a political election … then know this — you had better look over your shoulder, because your government is watching you, and considers you to be a threat.” –Gun Owners of America

“Black-ish delivered an absolutely stunning, emotional, hilarious and insightful episode on state-sponsored violence and how we, black families, attempt to cope and deal with the issues that arise from it.” –

Good TV | Last night’s TV program on ABC was a re-broadcast of a 2016 airing. “This week’s special episode of “Black-ish” on ABC confronted the issue of police brutality and race in America.” It was really good TV — fundamentally, the essence of racism has not changed much for persons of color in four years … or for several generations or hundreds of years.

racism in Columbia | Yes … see the photo at Columbia Spy‘s post.

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