Thursday’s news items [Yellow Friday?; Pride Month; commit to action & more] – 6/4/2020

still here | “In 10 weeks, coronavirus has killed more Lancaster County residents than a year’s worth of crashes, overdoses, suicides and homicides”Lancaster Online

yellow friday“Process to Reopen Pennsylvania”

Help for business operators | Here’s a helpful news item from the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce:

“Business is the heartbeat of Lancaster County.  is here for your small business; it is a go-to resource to provide pathways to emergency funding, free personal protective equipment, pandemic-related educational information, and trusted advice. The goal is to help your business operate safely, and to fuel your resolve to chart a new course forward.

The Lancaster Chamber and the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County collaborated to create the Lancaster County Economic Recovery Plan along with the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce as well as other local chambers and economic development corporations.

Portals for grant applications and personal protective equipment are coming in the next few weeks. Explore the website and then sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the home page to stay updated!

pride monthJune is Pride Month.

“This needs to be done. Get it done.” | This from the country’s top law enforcement authority.Newsy

“It becomes very easy to point fingers and be wrong.” | “Lancaster protesters choose peace, outside agitators suspected of hiding bricks”Lancaster Online


commit to action 2

Who were they? | In DC yesterday, who were the soldiers in Washington, D.C. wearing no identification and saying they reported to the Department of Justice.

“Their lack of name tags and insignia was also problematic. It hampers accountability– how can you complain about the actions of an officer if you cannot identify him?– and it blurs the lines between actual officers of the law and the men on the streets toting guns and demanding protesters answer to them. The use of unidentifiable police is common among authoritarian leaders.” – Letters from an American

“Revolution, Not Riots | Prospects for Radical Transformation in the Covid-19 Era” – CounterPunch

evangelicals unmaskedFive minutes as Betty unmasks the “evangelicals.”


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