Monday’s news items [HARB meeting; a June delight; demonstrations & more] – 6/15/2020

What is so rare as a day in June?

Then, if ever, come perfect days … .

— James Russell Lowell–

flower collage

color composite | A couple days of brilliant sunshine and the brilliance of flowers make the daily walks pleasurable. The warm weather will continue until the weekend when the forecast turns beastly hot.

Busy agenda | Reported in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “The Historical Architectural Review Board of the Borough of Columbia will meet virtually at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 17. Instructions for attending the meeting can be viewed at as well as the borough’s Facebook page. NOTE: We were unable to find any reference about tonight’s meeting including an agenda or instructions about how to view the meeting online at the Borough Website.) Agenda items include:

 132 and 138 Locust St. and 45 Bank Ave.; 789 Main St. LLC, owners. Revise a previously approved design for a new four-story mixed-use building.

 401 Locust St.; CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health, owner. Install a wall sign above a pedestrian entrance on the modern building addition facing Locust Street.

 538 N. Second St.; Joseph Ayad, owner. Replace a wooden entry door with a new Masonite steel door.

18 S. Fourth St.; Philip E. Martin, owner; 20 S. Fourth St., Jay and Nancy Jo Lutz, owners. Relocate a projecting sign bracket from 20 S. Fourth St. to the upper facade of 18 S. Fourth St. and install a commercial sign panel.

 477 Locust St.; Richard McCarty, owner; Cooper’s Comics & Collectibles, applicant. Install two new projecting commercial sign panels on the building’s Locust Street and North Fifth Street elevations.

 436 Locust St.; Norwood Realty, owner. Replace a 9-lite wooden entry door with a recess entryway with a new 9-lite fiberglass door.

135 Bridge St.; William Pflumm, owner; Colby W. Fry, applicant. Install an 8-by-20-foot metal shipping container at the edge of a surface parking lot to house a bicycle rental business.

Commentary: The Virus Will Win | “Americans are pretending that the pandemic is over. It certainly is not.” Route Fifty

and then it ends | “White House Adviser Kudlow Expects $600 Unemployment Checks to Stop in July.”The Epoch Times

lnp page 1Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster’s page one.

“‘We come in peace’ |Protesters gather in Elizabethtown, Millersville and Strasburg”Lancaster Online 

protestillustration by João Fazenda

different this time | “Seventy-one per cent of white Americans now say that racial discrimination is a ‘big problem.’” Read this New Yorker article: “An American Spring of Reckoning: In death, George Floyd’s name has become a metaphor for the stacked inequities of the society that produced them.”

Here’s where you come in | “State Prosecutors and Voters—​​​​​​​Not the Feds—​​​​​​​Can Hold Corrupt Officials Accountable” Route Fifty



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