Sunday’s news items, part 2 [area obituaries; protests and demonstrations; food serving inspections; local elections results & more] – 6/14/2020

Area obituaries of note | Patricia A. Vera Gerald D. Getz, Sr.

“perfidious pair” | Gotta’ love the semanticists at the Manheim Township Police Department’s Public Information Officer’s desk: “STICKER SWITCHERS SWINDLE GIANT! HELP TO CATCH THIS PERFIDIOUS PAIR!” Manheim Township Police Department CrimeWatch

Food serving inspections | In Columbia

“‘This Is Not the Flu’ | What Doctors Say About Their Fight Against Coronavirus” – The New York Times

And now for those all-important election results | Never mind that these low-level elected positions for political parties are so seemingly innocuous, the GOBAG (good old boys and girls) turn out victorious again. Party politics begin at the ‘on-the-ground level.” And that’s what keeps this country so divided and screwed up … party politics. Here are the primary election results for the local levels in Columbia. Our thought again: If the look-alike parties want to have their own private party parties, let them pay for the expense of the “closed” primary elections.

Another “First Amendment” protest movement | “‘We’re just ready’: Reopen PA supporters rally in Ephrata” Lancaster Online

fringe elements & rable rousers | “The only ones who disturbed the peace at Elizabethtown June 6 protest were armed militia [editorial]” Lancaster Online


protest movements | Protest movements have been part of the American fiber since the beginning. Remember reading about the Boston Tea Party? And anti draft demonstrations in the 1860s. Anti-war protests during the Vietnam era? And protests for women to get the vote. Protest movements seem to be the only way to wrest illicit power from the established who benefit from the oppression and mistreatment of others.

two-faced Toomey | In his recent missive to constituents the Senator condemns the oppressive government in Hong Kong while he sings the conservative missive supporting peaceful protest while condemning violence and wholesale support of police “recognizing that every organization has bad actors.” This adminsitration sycophant is tone deaf to why there are protests and demonstrations.

Two-faced Biden | We’ve not been impressed with the presumptive Presidential hopeful. His words and actions seem not to mesh; take this for another example: “As calls to defund the police grow louder, Joe Biden wants to give them more money.”

foxes want to oversee their own henhouses | “When police shoot or kill, who investigates? Pittsburgh, police union wrestle over process”The Intercept

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