Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [local interest obituary; zoning meeting; police practices; census returns & more] – 6/16/2020

In Lancaster on Saturday | “LGBTQ+ social distancing event to celebrate intersectional pride this weekend” Lancaster Online

Obituary of local interestFanny R. Mapes – Lancaster Online

Second publication | Columbia Zoning Hearing Board notice of June 24 meeting.Lancaster Online

Alternate text“I think a lot, but I don’t say much.” – Anne Frank (from The Epoch Times)

“Powerful words from an ally | Never again (opinion)”The York Daily Record

That’s it? Just a suspension and “sensitivity” training? | In almost every other job, the punishment would be far harsher: “Pennsylvania police officer suspended after video shows him kicking a seated protester” The York Daily Record

22 Proofs That Show Time Is Merciless to EveryoneOne of the photos in this thought-stimulating photo collection: “Time is the best teacher, critic, and doctor. It is also a harsh cynic and an all-time winner. Even if you think you’re winning now, just wait until time turns everything upside down.”

census returnsNationally “61.4% of Households Have Responded” – Columbia’s above average.

muni briefsMayor: “We don’t play that game … ” – Extracted from the Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.





  1. There was no update; there was no information provided. Just the usual “glittering generalities” with no documentation.

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