Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [wiffle ball tournament; ISSUES: race, tasers and trust & more] – 6/17/2020


Coming to York in October | 2020 fastpitch Wiffle Ball national championship tournament. FOX43-TV

they walk among us | the racists and anti-cop people: in this case it’s the same person.The Inquirer

Spurs’ chief speak-out | “On the issue of race, America’s Coach boxes out America’s Cretin.”  – The New York Times

the talk | “How white parents can talk to their kids about race.”WITF

what & who to believe | “Trump downplays rising coronavirus cases as Fauci warns ‘we’re still in the first wave’”The Boston Globe

definitely not the VEEP | “Vice President Mike Pence encourages governors to spread misleading claim that new COVID-19 spikes are due to rise in testing”The Chicago Tribune

Taser crazy | OPINION: “Questions you can’t avoid about policing in America: How can this be happening in America in 2020?”The Boston Globe

cheetah babies“A group of cheetah cubs in the Maasai Mara, Kenya”

’cause they’re so cute! | That’s why we’ve ended this post with “Endangered cheetahs snapped in award-winning photos.” –  BBC

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